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Become a highly skilled and certified educator

Every student deserves a teacher who is an inspiration and has a good understanding of the child. At Focus Teacher Training Centre, we groom trainees to reach their maximum potential. We help them develop their own personalities and we expose them to a variety of contemporary teaching-learning styles. Our courses are certified along with support for job placement. Courses at Focus TTC can benefit not only future school teachers, but also mothers and social activists. Through our teacher training campaigns, surveys and events we aim to shift mindsets of parents, and uplift the society as a whole.

We offer FOUR separate streams of teacher training, with:

  • Opportunity to perfect teaching skills through internship
  • Mentoring & guidance to support certification
  • Workshops by experts & school exposure visits
  • Assistance with job placement

Enrollment open starting June 2020

10 months full time internship

Apply online at:

Application Link or https://forms.gle/H3GDvz7gj7xUDpab9 Or visit Noor Khan Bazar Campus


It is indeed a delightful journey. I’m in the process of gaining knowledge and getting a lot of good information about the teaching and learning strategies that enable students to learn better at the PYP level. IB gives an opportunity to teachers and students to develop their thinking ability and explore new skills and ideas.

Learning a lot with proper guidance and materials. Lectures of Ms. Asma Zaidi are very interesting. I also get lot of help from our coordinator Ms. Syeda Lulu, in a gentle manner. Excellent training is being provided. Even though there is a pandemic, we are gaining knowledge with the help of online classes mentors, and monthly guest lectures. This training is helping us to change our perception of early childhood education.

Focus Pre-Primary Teachers Training has brought lots of change in my teaching. The assignments were amazing and really informative. We have good study material for early childhood education. We have weekly lectures and monthly special guest lectures during this pandemic as well. Ms. Asma Zaidi and Ms. Syeda Lulu are always available to us for guidance.

Totally enjoying and learning a lot in a comfortable environment. The style and the knowledge of the presenter, Ms. Asma Zaidi is totally amazing. Guest lectures are the best part of the course. It is a life changing and pleasurable experience for me!

IB (PYP) training gave me an opportunity to understand how the curriculum can create a change in a child’s life and how it helps in developing his/her outlook through practical learning. While observing virtual classes with my mentor, I was able to observe how students are able to apply their learnings by drawing connections to real life.

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